Chefs & experts 2019

Linda Hewett

Linda Hewett

Demos: Friday 30 August, 4pm; Sunday 1 September, 2pm

Location: Woking Shopping Demo Theatre, Jubilee Square

Demo dish: See Magimix's innovative new Cook Expert in action

About Linda

Linda is an expert bread maker, passionate cookery teacher and judge at both the World Bread Awards and British Pie Awards.
Coming from a sport and nutrition background, Linda values healthy food and wants to empower people to get into the kitchen and cook. Self-taught, her love of food and sharing have been influenced from travels abroad, growing up in the Isle of Man, raising her family in Norway and in and around the UK she takes inspiration from the unique styles of local cuisine and delicious local produce.

Now settled in Lincolnshire, she continues to travel the country regularly teaching at cookery schools, attending food festivals and is a regular contributor to local radio and magazines, always sharing ideas and swapping recipes.