Chefs & experts 2019

Martha Collison

Martha Collison

Demo: 2pm, Friday 30 August 2019

Location: Woking Shopping Demo Theatre, Jubilee Square

Demo dish: Honey scones with rhubarb compote

About Martha

Martha is a self-taught baker who started cooking at the age of eight. She was the youngest ever baker on The Great British Bake Off (2014), where she made it all the way to the quarter finals while also studying for her AS Levels.

She now writes and creates recipes for various purposes, including a weekly column in Waitrose Weekend paper and for her own food blog. She has amassed a large social media following and runs a popular Instagram account where she regularly shares recipes and collaborates with brands.

Martha has a fun and relaxed approach to baking. She loves interesting and unusual flavour combinations and takes huge pleasure in both creating and eating delicious food. Her first book, TWIST, came out in 2016; and her latest book, CRAVE in July 2017, both published by HarperCollins.

She loves travelling, spending time with her family, and is passionate about helping with charitable campaigns.

Martha has been a Tearfund ambassador for many years, visiting their anti-trafficking projects in Cambodia and refugee work in Lebanon; she speaks at events on Tearfund’s behalf throughout the year.

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