Chefs & experts 2019

Sam Robinson

Sam Robinson

Date: Sunday 1 September 2019

Timings: 1pm to 1.15pm

Location: Surrey Life Bite-size Talks Tent, Gloucester Square

Talk title: Plastic and food

Summary: Everyone has a personal relationship with plastic. It is everywhere in our daily lives and it is hard to get away from. Sam will talk about how plastic relates to food – our choices (fish, meat), handling food (plates, packaging), food production (silage, plastic greenhouses in Spain), and even how it gets into our food (microplastics).

About Sam

Sam's professional background relates to sustainable waste management at events, more specifically how festivals can reduce their packaging footprints. He believes that combining personal choices with easy-to-use waste management systems is key to moving events towards sustainability.

In conjunction with Woking Borough Council and the Local Agenda 21 Earth Summit Rio (Woking) group, Sam will be assessing the type of packaging waste produced at Woking Food and Drink Festival and how it may be reduced in the future.

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