Woking Food and Drink Festival is delighted to be supported by international culinary innovator, Magimix.

Magimix products are designed to make life simpler for the passionate home cook.
Since inventing the food processor over 40 years ago, Magimix has become the ‘must have’ in kitchens everywhere, making light work of meal prep and transforming the lives of families, aspiring cooks and professional chefs.
Creating great quality food is at the heart of everything Magimix does providing a helping hand to ensure all kitchen needs are met – be it slicing, grating, chopping, whisking, blending, or kneading.

The entire Magimix Food Processor and Blender ranges have been awarded the Quiet Mark and are the only products of their kind to have been acknowledge in this way, further cementing Magimix’s superiority in the kitchen and to many the enduring appeal of Magimix is that its products are built better to last longer – a statement strengthened by the 30 year motor guarantee on food processor.

Magimix top tips

Thanks to Magimix innovations, the most demanding tasks can be accomplished quickly, easily and quietly. Add some Magimix top tips to your cooking! 

  • Speed up your mid-week meal prep by using your Magimix to chop, shred and slice veggies in just a few seconds.
  • Whizz double cream in a food processor for under a minute for the freshest homemade butter with buttermilk leftover for baking. 
  • Use your Magimix to effortlessly transform egg whites into beautiful meringues.
  • Grind your own mix of spices up in your Magimix to create a batch of homemade curry powder. Perfect for super quick evening meals!
  • Whizz up your own pasta sauce in seconds by blitzing chopped tomatoes, a splash of water, olive oil, fresh herbs and seasoning.
  • Whip up an effortless pastry in seconds using your Magimix. It’s perfect for making sweet or savoury treats.
  • Fancy making your own batch of nut butter? Use your Magimix to blend a tasty and fuss free butter in less than a minute. 
  • Use the smaller bowl on your Magimix food processor to create your own dip, pesto, hummus or marinade in seconds.
  • Blitz up a bunch of frozen bananas in your Magimix to create a great vegan ice cream base – indulge your sweet tooth by adding chocolate or nuts.
  • Make bread dough in less than a minute with your Magimix – it even has the capacity for enough to make a family size loaf! 
  • Use your Magimix to chop and evenly slice vegetables and fruit in seconds – perfect if you're making showcase party pieces.
  • Use the grating disk on your Magimix to create your own colourful slaw
  • Whiz up a batch of breadcrumbs in seconds, using your Magimix.
  • For a healthy snack ready in no time, blitz a good mixture of nuts, dried fruits and dates in your Magimix and roll into bite-size energy balls.  

Searching for recipe inspiration?

Look no further! Mix up your recipe repertoire with Magimix's delicious, quick and easy recipes to suit all tastes.

Magimix recipes