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Alex Brady

Alex Brady

Alex is a Senior Teacher at Tante Marie Culinary Academy. Having studied at Tante Marie himself, Alex went on to gain a position working for the Roux brothers at le Gavroche.

An inspired and talented cook, Alex is a fountain of wisdom on all aspects of culinary preparation and presentation, and he works very hard to ensure that his students always prepare and present the best possible food – average is never acceptable.

Alex can best be described as focused and passionate about his trade, and he is never happier than when he is perfecting his culinary skills – particularly when it involves butchery, game and fish – or more especially, chocolate!

Established in 1954, Tante Marie Culinary Academy is the oldest UK independent cooking academy, based right here in Woking.

Over the last 60 years the Academy has developed an internationally acclaimed reputation for excellence, with graduates running successful businesses all around the world.