Live chilli eating competition

For those looking for a fiery challenge, look no further than the Hot Pods live chilli eating competition which is free to take part and not for the faint hearted!

Taking place at 5pm on Saturday 31 August in the Woking Shopping Demo Theatre, Jubilee Square, 10 brave (or utterly bonkers) contestants who will demonstrate their tongue’s thermal might in order to win the title of Woking Food Fest’s Top Chilli Eater 2019!

The rules are simple: 10 rounds, starting with the mildest chilli and finishing with a ferociously hot scorcher! Each chilli must be fully eaten, leaving the stalk remaining.

With 10 pints of milk at the ready, will we witness a red-hot clash between piquant titans? Or, a sizzling undisputed win from a fiery king or queen?

Ready to sign up?

Daring volunteers must visit the Hot Pods Chilli Products exhibitor stand (GW10), located in Gloucester Walk, on Friday 30 or Saturday 31 August (last entry 4pm, subject to availability).

Give your taste-buds an early heads up… check out the Scoville scale!