Live entertainment

Street performances

On the Friday, meet the larger than life Michelin starred Hungry Chefs and their inflated egos!

You’ll catch them roaming around the festival site and, if you’re lucky, they’ll tenderise your shoulders with a nice little massage, season your with their giant black pepper grinder and garnish you with a little twig of parsley from their mobile herb selection.

On the Saturday, you’ll be bananas to miss the Culinary Capers shows, taking place at 10.30am, 1pm and 3.30pm in the Surrey Life Entertainment Tent in Gloucester Square.

Clad in chef’s whites, Ian Marchant will perform feats with fruit, show versatility with vegetables, launch legumes, chuck crockery, balance baguettes and display plenty of daring deeds with dishes! Using audience participation, comedy, skill and a menu of tricks, these shows always cook up a storm!

On Sunday, look out for This is me street performers. Their comedy chefs and builders are likely to cause hilarious havoc around the festival site. You've been warned!